Learning to fall…and get up for happiness!

Learning to fall…and get up for happiness!

My daughter went to a party on the weekend that primarily involved ice-skating. Now a few of the girls were, apparently, quite competent but most, including my daughter, had tried skating a few times and new what they were doing but…were by no means expert!

Anyway, when talking to my daughter afterwards she explained that one of the first things they did was have a quick lesson in which among other things, they were taught how to fall properly!

I couldn’t help but think what a great idea this was and further, how this could be applied more generally in life and for happiness.

We all fall (i.e. have difficult times) but those who go on to experience more happiness and more success know how to (and are much better at) getting up again.

Some of you might be familiar with the old Chinese proverb that states…fall down seven times, get up eight!

One of the greatest myths about happy people is that they’re happy all the time. There’s no such thing as 100% happiness but there is a form of happiness in which the individual falls every now and then … but picks himself up.

Maybe if we all want more happiness in our lives we could begin by learning how to fall…and then get up again!