Who do you follow…in happiness?

Who do you follow…in happiness?

Two separate incidents lead to the thoughts behind this happiness blog posting.

One, involved a woman who lives nearby my house who gets around with the help of a guide-dog. The other, was yet another thought provoking tip from Lou Tice at the Pacific Institute.

Anyway, all that’s really relevant here in this happiness context is the following question…to whom do you look for guidance when it comes to living a good life full of happiness?

We don’t always realise it but we all have “guides” (sometimes informal ones) to whom we turn when we’re unsure about what to do or where to turn. In many instances these guides are immensely helpful and reassuring; on occasions, however, these guides may mislead us.

These guides might be real, living people – such as our parents, best friends, mentors or idols and heroes.

These guides might be deep, underlying beliefs of which we’re not even fully aware.

In both cases, these guides form the basis of how we approach life, happiness, success, relationships and more…

So the tips embedded in this posting is to ask yourself…what do you believe about happiness? Who do you follow when you want to find satisfaction and love? Do you even know who you’re following and whether or not they’re leading you the right way…towards a more positive life?