Happiness lessons from…my toothbrush!

Happiness lessons from…my toothbrush!

Happiness lessons from my toothbrush!

Some of you might be thinking that Dr. Happy has become Dr. Crazy! But please, trust me on this one, and read on …

Some time ago my wife bought me an electric toothbrush. I must admit it took some getting used to but I am now well and truly a convert. And one of the things I love about my electric toothbrush is that it has a built in timer and so if I brush for long enough (defined by the makers as 2 minutes) I get a little smiley face looking back at me!

Now you might think me a bit immature to be affected by such a simple form of reinforcement (and you may be right) but…it works.

As I’ve often said before, happiness should not be complicated and as I’ve also said before, one of the simplest ways to enhance happiness is to reward yourself (and others) when you (or they) do something positive/good/worthwhile.

So take away the happiness lesson I learned from my toothbrush and note, that for more happiness simply reinforce or reward yourself each time you do something good.