Lessons from a life lost too soon – happiness now!

Lessons from a life lost too soon – happiness now!

Yesterday, one of Australia’s most successful businessmen and entrepreurs died…at the age of 42. For those of you who’ve not heard of him, John Ilhan was the founder of “Crazy Johns”, a national network of phone sellers. He was supposedly fit and healthy and as the papers repeatedly mentioned, worth over $300 million.

But what struck me as I read the papers was not the size of his business nor his personal worth…but the fact that he was only a year or so older than me and most notably, that he was married with four young children (one aged only 8 months old).

Now I don’t know John Ilhan and I doubt whether any of his family will read this but if they do, I sincerely send my condolences during what must be an incredibly sad and difficult time.

And I don’t know how John Ilhan lived his life but what I do know is that last night I gave my wife and children an extra kiss and cuddle…and I also thought about the importance of living in the moment and enjoying life as much as possible while you can.

So although this posting has an element of sadness my intention is really to encourage you all to do whatever you can to have as much happiness as possible now…today…because who knows what will happen tomorrow. So have fun, love your family and friends and again…be happy, create happiness, life life now!