Happiness and thanks

Happiness and thanks

Last night I was at a wedding and after taking a photo of my table the wedding photographer came up and said hello, reminding me that she’d taken photos at my wedding, or my brother’s wedding.

The only problem was my wife and brother were sitting next to me and none of us recognised her as taking photos at either of our weddings!

Some time later in the evening she came back and asked what I did…explaining that my face was very familiar and she was “going crazy” trying to remember who I was and where she’d seen me. When I explained that I was the founder of The Happiness Institute her eyes lit up and she smiled with amazement.

Now I don’t write this to boast at all but the reason for her happiness was that she’d read heard me speak and read my book, The Happiness Handbook, and had very much enjoyed and benefitted from the messages within each.

Why am I telling you this? Because I felt fantastic hearing that I’d helped her and I could tell she felt great meeting me and telling me how much she’d found happiness in my book.

What’s the lesson in this for you?

Do good things for others and you’ll reap the rewards. Do what you can to enhance other people’s happiness and you’ll find happiness as well.

But that’s not all…tell other people that you appreciate them; tell other people that you’re grateful for what they’ve done because this will make them feel good while at the same time, helping you to enjoy the wonderful forms of happiness and positive emotion from being loving and generous to others.