Spreading happiness

Spreading happiness

The following happiness related story was found at Gimundo.com and illustrates how easy it is to enhance happiness in others. Read, enjoy and think about what you might be able to do to create more happiness in the world.

The Good Morning Man


You’ve probably seen Melbourne, Australia’s “Free Hugs” guy in action (if not, check out this heartwarming video clip). But have you met America’s own “Good morning” man?

Last Friday, the morning commuters of Providence, Rhode Island got a special greeting from a gracious visitor named Thad Davis. While accompanying his wife to town on a business trip, Davis found himself with a few hours to spare on his own. Davis, originally from South Carolina, had heard rumors that New Englanders weren’t the friendliest of people – so he decided to put that theory to the test and see if he could make them crack a smile.

Davis set up camp at a busy intersection in downtown Providence, with a handmade “Good mornin'” sign, and a greeting and friendly wave for everyone who passed him by. Some drivers gave him double takes as they rolled along, and others smiled and waved. But it sounds like he made at least a few people’s mornings a little bit brighter – particularly a police officer who pulled over thinking Davis was a panhandler. The cop couldn’t quite believe that Davis simply wanted to say good morning, and walked away with a huge grin on his face.

So was this friendly Southerner’s attempt to warm icy Rhode Island hearts the success that he was hoping for?

From all indications, yes. “I don’t think I changed anybody’s life, but I hope I made their day a little better,” he told the Providence Journal. “Maybe it will become a movement.”

If you decide to start your own “good morning” campaign (and we hope you do), here’s a word of advice for how to make morning commuters even happier: Hand out free coffee, too.