Happiness at school

Happiness at school

As we, here at The Happiness Institute, continue to develop our happiness at schools programs its great to know that others around the world are thinking along the same lines.

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Scunthorpe schools think positively

16 October 2007

Schools in Scunthorpe have become among the first in the world to introduce a new positive thinking scheme.

Priory Lane Junior School is one of the schools taking part in the Celebrating Strengths initiative, a three-year course from the centre for applied positive psychology.

Jenny Fox Eades, head of the programme at the school, told the Scunthorpe Telegraph: ‘Celebrating Strengths has taken research on how people flourish and applied it to learning.

‘We use two ancient tools, oral storytelling and traditional festivals, to encourage children to be creative and confident.’

The storytelling scheme is designed to support children who cannot read or spell competently so that they can develop the confidence to tell a story to their peers.

Riddings Infant and Junior Schools, Leys Farm Junior School, Enderby Road Infant School and Frodingham Infant School are among those who have already successfully completed the Celebrating Strengths programme.

The scheme started in Scunthorpe about three years ago and has since generated national and international interest.