Boost your happiness

Boost your happiness

Check out the following article from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project.

Need a simple way to boost your mood in one minute? Look at a photograph of someone you love.

A reader sent me an email telling me about a strategy she uses when she needs a dose of happiness: she imagines the smiling faces of her family and other beloved people in her life.

That certainly rang true for me. We have a long line of photographs along a windowsill in our bedroom, and I often stop to look at each photograph, even though I”ve seen them all a thousand times, and it always cheers me up.

I read a note in the May O Magazine about a study in which people were asked about their moods before and after eating chocolate, listening to music, and looking at photographs of loved ones. The only activity that altered their moods was looking at photographs – they got an 11% lift.