Happiness and memory

Happiness and memory

Memory power lies in pursuit of happiness

Scarlett Chiang

Monday, October 08, 2007

Being happy is the key to strengthening memory power, a survey shows.

The Hong Kong Memory Study Association has found that 90 percent of 2,300 people who said they were unhappy complained that their memory had worsened.

The survey, which began in April, was aimed at determining the effect various factors had on memory.

Among the respondents who said their memory was improving, about 70 percent said they were usually happy or very happy.

Association chairman Miki Lee Yuk-kuen said the findings showed that memory is affected by the amount of dopamine and adrenaline in the brain.

“According to theory, happy people should have more dopamine and adrenaline in the brain which strengthen their memory power,” she said.

Lee suggested that people should keep themselves happy while memorizing to make the process more effective.

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