Spring clean for happiness

Spring clean for happiness

The following tip was sent out to my other mailing list at www.makingchanges.com.au. I hope you enjoy it and find it relevant to your pursuit of happiness and to your lives.

Hello again and welcome back to making changes’ weekly tips. The last month or so has been very rewarding as many of you have taken the time to let me know how much you appreciate these regular mailings and even more gratifying from my perspective, that you’re putting them into practice and finding them helpful in your lives.

I’m relatively confident you’ll also find this week’s tip just as useful and helpful as once again, it involves a very real lesson I learned during something I experienced over this weekend.

Coincidentally related to the time of year, my wife and I engaged in some serious ‘spring cleaning”, tidying up several parts of our house we’d been wanting to organise for quite some time. It took a bit of effort, and was ultimately quite tiring, but at the end of the day it was also incredibly satisfying. To look at the two areas of our home that were now so much nicer and more inviting was truly fulfilling.

The lessons I learned?

– if something needs to be done just do it. The longer you put it off the longer you’ll feel frustrated and disgruntled; but as soon as you get stuck in and do what you need to do you’ll almost certainly experience positive emotions such as happiness, pride and satisfaction

– don’t just spring clean in spring. Clean out your home and your life as often as you need to. Get rid of physical and psychological rubbish at regular intervals and enjoy the positive consequences such as freedom and happiness

– if a job’s too big then simply break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. At The Happiness Institute (www.thehappinessinstitute.com) we say that achieving happiness requires nothing more than practicing a few simple disciplines every day. Little things, done often, lead to big things!

So enjoy the rest of spring and I hope this simple tip motivates you to clean up at least some parts of your life!