Happiness through giving

Happiness through giving

As regular readers of this blog, and of our eNewsletter would know we, at The Happiness Institute believe very much (and our beliefs are supported by the growing body of happiness research) that happiness comes at least partly from doing good things to and for others.

Our friends over at Gimundo.com have, once again, brought to our attention another great example of this in action. So read the following story and if you’re looking for happiness, this might point you in the right direction.

Buy a Laptop, Give One Free


Just one laptop for $399 sounds like a pretty crazy deal – but did you ever imagine you could buy two computers for that rock-bottom price?

Yes, it’s for real. But before you start wondering what you’ll do with two brand-new laptops, don’t get too attached: Only one computer is yours to keep or donate to a local school or charity. The other laptop will be given as a tax-deductible donation to a child in a developing nation, through a new program called “Give 1 Get 1.”

The new brand of laptop computers, called XO Laptops, are specially designed for children, with built-in cameras and peer-to-peer technology that allows kids around the world to chat with one another. They are also extremely durable, which should keep them from falling apart during the bumpy rides to the rural villages where they’ll be delivered.

Want to buy a couple of computers for a good cause? Visit the organization’s website, http://laptop.org.

Read the whole story (NY Times).