Literacy, freedom and happiness

Literacy, freedom and happiness

The following story from proves once again that there really are good things happening in the world. And this one is very close to my heart – I’m a big believer in supporting literacy programs as I believe that literacy assists those in need to gain knowledge; and knowledge provides a path to power and freedom; and power and freedom will increase the chance of happiness.

So read on, and enjoy some happiness knowing that good things do happen…

Writer Dave Eggers Wins $250,000 Heinz Award to Support Literacy Centers


There are a lot of reasons you might know the name of literary wunderkind Dave Eggers. Seven years ago, he popped onto the cultural radar with his equal parts tragic-and-hilarious memoir, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. He edits the ultra-hip literary journal, McSweeney’s. His newest book, What is the What, a biography of a Sudanese refugee, has been winning rave reviews from critics all over the world. And perhaps most importantly, he’s the founding father of the 826 Writing Centers, which he created to give kids opportunities to get into reading and writing.

It looks like the ketchup heirs at Heinz Family Foundation have taken notice of all his hard work – because they’ve just given him a $250,000 grant. Eggers plans to put all of the money into supporting his seven writing centers around the country. We think that should keep them stocked on pens and paper for quite some time.

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