Welsh Happiness

Welsh Happiness

What makes Welsh people happy?

Sep 15 2007

by Rin Simpson, Western Mail

WHAT do you think makes us happy? Today, for example, our rugby side take on Australia in an absolutely crucial World Cup clash in Cardiff.

If we win – it’s always “we” isn”t it? – the whole nation will be going to work on Monday morning with a collective smile on their faces. Vast quantities of victory-toasting alcohol will be downed in pubs and bars around the country. Celebratory hugs will be exchanged between friends, relatives, and complete strangers. And if we lose? Well, it doesn”t bear thinking about it.

But let’s say we romp home emphatically, though. For a relatively fleeting moment in time, we will feel an all-consuming sense of happiness. But how real will that emotion be?

Does this kind of national elation constitute real personal happiness?

Happiness is something humankind has strived for since time began, the holy grail of emotions which underpins most things we do every day. It is an elusive state, different for everyone, triggered by the smallest of things and dependent on so much.

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