Happiness is elusive amongst HR

Happiness is elusive amongst HR

Happiness is elusive amongst HR

Many HR professionals are unhappy in their current job and believe they are being paid less than the average salary for their role.

These are the findings of the ‘Happiness at Work’ Index by recruitment consultancy Badenoch & Clark, which found that just 31 per cent of HR workers are happy in their current job, with 37 per cent actively looking for a new one.

And rather worryingly, 26 per cent never receive feedback on their performance by their boss, despite working in HR.

The results are part of a larger survey of 1,012 UK office workers across a range of industries, including legal, HR, finance and accounting, sales and retail. Overall figures highlighted that 21 per cent of office workers are unhappy in their current role and more than half are on the lookout for a new job.

Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark said: “There is a huge portion of UK workers who are currently seeking alternative employment and this desire to leave an organisation has a huge impact on their current employer. Workers looking for new employment are often likely to be job-searching whilst at work, meaning they are less productive and disengaged in their day-to-day job.”

Out of all the industries questioned, the HR sector felt they were the most underpaid, with 42 per cent believing they were being paid less than the average salary.

‘salary is vital for many workers, and the thought that you are being underpaid for a job can be very de-motivating,” said Wilson. “However, it is not the main reason people leave jobs. These findings show that people need to look around and do some research to ensure that they are being paid a fair salary for the job they are doing. If they feel underpaid, they should speak to their boss.”

HR Zone, 10th September 2007