Questions for happiness

Questions for happiness

In a list-serve I’m part of within which those interested in happiness and positive psychology “discuss” relevant issues, I came across an entry from Prof. Paul Wong who poses the following questions as a way of assessing your happiness or life satisfaction.

If you’d like to informally assess your happiness and begin to determine what you might be able to do to have more happiness, try to answer the questions below:

How satisfied are you with your life?

How satisfied are you in the area of relationships?

How much do you understand yourself?

How certain are you about your personal strengths?

To what extend do you know what will make you happy?

What progress have you made in terms of realizing your potential?

To what extend do you have a clear sense of meaning and purpose?

How optimistic are you that you will achieve your dreams?

How confident are you that you will make a difference in the world?

Happiness? It might be only an answer away!