Happiness at work in the USA

Happiness at work in the USA

U.S. Workers Are Happy and Productive


Are you American? Do you have a job?

If both those answers are affirmative, give yourself a pat on the back: According to a recent United Nations survey, America is the global leader in on-the-job productivity.

If you skipped your vacation this year, you aren’t the only one – Americans are clocking more hours annually than any of their foreign counterparts. And don’t worry about all those lengthy coffee breaks you take each day, either – the United States was second only to the industrious Norwegians in terms of labor output per hour. All in all, our country is the overall leader for wealth produced: The average value of an employee’s annual worth is a none-too-shabby $63,885 (you can always show this statistic to your boss if it’s time for a raise).

So why are we Americans working so hard? Because, surprising as it may seem, we enjoy it. Moan about the commute all you want, but the results of another recent study don’t lie. Out of 27,587 people surveyed, 86 percent said that they were satisfied with their jobs, while nearly half of the respondents claimed to be very satisfied. And if you’re a still-active senior, your stats are looking even brighter: 75 percent of working senior citizens claimed to love their jobs.

So if the golf club green’s looking pretty bare these days, you know where the latest soul-soothing hot spot is: The office.

Come to think of it, isn’t that where you’re headed now? Lucky you.