Some interesting happiness research from Ireland

Some interesting happiness research from Ireland

Tyrone happiness influenced by life achievements

EXTENSIVE research has revealed that achievements in life have a determining effect on the happiness of Tyrone people.

That was the conclusion of a BT survey and major analysis of 1,000 people across the North between 18 and 75 years old. The contributors filled out questionnaires into what social and cultural values impact most on people aged between 18 and 74 years.

The research highlighted the significant difference in the attitudes of the people of the North, with variations from county to county, and between the sexes.

It seems the life achievements of people in County Tyrone are paramount in influencing their current state of happiness. Over two thirds (40%) of people polled revealed that their life achievements to date were very important in influencing their happiness with their lives. This is above the six county average of 33% and a stark contrast to their counterparts in Co Armagh, where only one in four (26%) people admitted that their achievements were important in affecting their personal contentment.

The research also highlighted that the majority of people (68%) across the North see face-to-face contact as the most important form of communication although this is much higher in Greater Belfast (78%).

Commenting on the report, Peter Morris, Head of Consumer, BT said, “Our campaign set out to find out what people in Northern Ireland value in their lives. In addition to our research, we launched an interactive website to give the people a place to share what is most important to them. The reaction has been fantastic with over 150,000 have logged on to date to vote in our polls, upload videos and photos, as well as winning some great prizes.”