Happiness and life coaching

Happiness and life coaching

Although I have some concerns about the qualifications (or lack thereof) of many “life coaches” most aim, in one way or other to help clients achieve happiness. As such, you might find some of the following articles interesting as they do, in different ways, touch on life coaching and happiness.

Please read and enjoy:

Walking the walk

A decade ago, they were considered a passing fad. Now, life coaches are an integral part of the business landscape, writes David Momphard

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Positive view is key to beating stress


LONGER hours, shorter lunch breaks, overloaded in-boxes and constant phone calls – modern day living can be hard but the way we deal with stress can determine whether we thrive or collapse under pressure.

‘stress is natural and mild stress is even beneficial,” explains Edinburgh-based life coach Mark Lister. “It keeps you alert and on your toes when you need to be. It is the higher and more runaway levels of stress that cause problems.”

High stress levels make day-to-day living increasingly hard to cope with. This type of stress, if it isn”t managed, can badly affect your physical and emotional health. It is estimated more than 75 per cent of modern day illnesses are stress-induced.

But changing the way you deal with the ups and downs of modern day livinglife can minimise stress and make life things easier. Positive thinking is an achievable state of mind that can help banish unwanted stress, improve your wellbeing and help us you get the most out of life.

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