Happiness and good stress

Happiness and good stress

Happiness is not just about enjoying the good times…it’s also about how you deal with the difficult times; and we all have difficult times. Below, Lou Tice writes about “good stress” which I think is a valuable construct to anyone wanting more happiness…and more happiness more often.

Winner’s Circle Network with Lou Tice – 8/16/07 – “Good Stress”

Most of us know that too much stress can create problems, but did you know there is a kind of stress that is good for you? Let me explain what I mean.

All of us have comfort zones. Now a comfort zone is just a term for the physical or psychological area in which we feel comfortable and at ease.

When we move away from the familiar to the new and different, we are moving out of our comfort zone.

If the move is not something we choose to do or are not ready for, we feel anxiety and stress. If you have ever walked into the wrong rest room, you know what I am talking about! I will bet it didn’t take long for you to get back where you belong.

But for most of life, the higher your self-esteem, the broader your comfort zone – and the easier it is for you to deal with unfamiliar situations and new challenges. You see, when you raise your self-esteem, you automatically expand your comfort zone. It works the other way around, too.

If you use techniques like affirmation and visualization to mentally take yourself out of your comfort zone safely, when it is time to deal with the real thing, instead of anxiety you will feel excitement – a good kind of stress – and you will be giving your self-esteem a boost.

Now, I am not saying you will feel good about walking into the wrong rest room, but you will be able to handle change more easily and deal with new situations without becoming anxious.

Lou Tice

The Pacific Institute