Dr. Happy’s happiness

Dr. Happy’s happiness

I’ve been reflecting on my own happiness during the last 48 hours and wanted to share with you a few personal happiness moments.

1. I completed my next book (although it still has to go to the publishers for editing) and as I typed the last words and saved the document experienced a wonderful feeling of positive emotions ranging from happiness and satisfaction, to relief and joy.

Lesson – happiness sometimes comes AFTER you’ve worked really hard.

2. I saw someone on the train this morning reading my book (The Happiness Handbook). I’ve never seen this before and it filled me with a different form of happiness…pride.

Lesson – pride can be both good and bad but there’s no doubt that a form of pride can be viewed within the happiness spectrum, especially if the pride is associated with belief you’ve done something good for others.

3. My daughter was upset about something the other day and I felt I really helped her deal with it. I guess this is my job as a parents but sometimes it’s harder than others.

Lesson – happiness will almost always come to those who do good to and for others.

Feel free to share your happiness moments and lessons by posting your comments below.

Happiness to you!