Happiness article – from the Times of India

Happiness article – from the Times of India

The ‘H’ quotient

7 Aug 200


Have you ever read surveys on happiness and wondered what makes you happy? AT asked people who seemed to have everything and you will be really surprised at all the answers we got!

No Mercs or beach front bungalows seemed to make these celebrities happy. Surprisingly most claim that nothing makes them happier than simple things in life: a child’s smile, a fleeting moment of abandoned joy that did the trick.

Anchor and actress Archana Puran Singh says that as clichêÑÔ©d it may sound, laughter of her children really makes her delirious with happiness. “I feel blessed when I hear their shouts of joy.” Actress Gautami Kapoor’s constant source of joy is her one year old daughter Sia. “My family and my daughter keep me grounded and happy,” she says.

For some, happiness is a state of mind. Actress Divya Dutta says, “You don’t have to look outside, it is right there inside you. How do you feel from within is the way how I would describe it. I feel good when I see a sunrise, or have a beautiful thought. I was full of joy last night as I sat by with a book and the rain came pouring down.

Most of us seem to find joy in little pleasures of life, isn”t it? For Gul Panag, the definition of happiness changes all the time. “I find happiness in simple things – a nice meal, speaking to my parents after two days, when I receive an unexpected gift, a word of sincere praise. I am happy in sunshine as well as in rain!

Actor Ronit Roy also has an uncomplicated formula to be happy. “I am happy when my family is happy. Everything that I do in life boils down to keeping the people I love pleased and satisfied.” Roy claims that even superstardom can”t compare to the joy he gets when he is with his family.

VJ Yudi thrives on a ê¢__‘–be happy attitude.” “I have always believed in the promise of tomorrow and the endless possibilities it brings. If you want something very much, it comes to you, and that is true for happiness as well,” he says.

Television actor Hiten Tejwani also agrees with Yudi. He says, “I make it a point to be happy. I am satisfied with my work and my family.”

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