Happiness – Knowing that Good Things Do Happen

Happiness – Knowing that Good Things Do Happen

Simple Truths – A Message for a Better Life

By Kathryn Hawkins

Gimundo Correspondent

One afternoon, Johnny, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome, attended a speech about making a difference through quality service. Johnny was moved by the lecturers words. He wanted to be a model employee but he was only a grocery bagger. Most days, he never even got to speak to the customers that passed through the store. How, he wondered, could he touch their lives through his work?

Then Johnny came up with an idea: Each day, he would find an inspirational quote. If he couldnt find anything he liked, he would write his own. He printed hundreds of copies of his Thought of the Day, and began dropping them into grocery bags for each customer he served.

It wasnt long before customers took notice. Within days, Johnnys checkout lines were three times longer than anyone elses. Many infrequent customers began stopping in daily, just so that they never had to miss a quote.

His sense of goodwill quickly spread through the rest of the shop: Instead of throwing away broken flowers, the floral department staff began to give the flowers to young girls and elderly shoppers. Soon, everyone was talking about how Johnny had transformed the grocery store from a typical business into a place that genuinely cared about its customers.

Johnny has since inspired more acts of selfless service than he could ever know after employees at a baseball park heard his tale and were urged to be like Johnny. The park received 7,500 letters praising the staff’s exceptional hospitality.

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