Kuwait University holds study on marital happiness

Kuwait University holds study on marital happiness

Published Date: July 04, 2007

KUWAIT: The Kuwaiti youth are aware of the keys that lead to happiness in their married life with regard to trust, reassurance, psychological interdependence and sexual compatibility, an academic study released yesterday said.

The study, conducted by a psychology instructor and a sociology professor at Kuwait University (KU) under the title “Basis of Marital Happiness as Perceived by Young Kuwaitis”, revealed that 74 per cent of the youth are mindful of the basis to marital happiness.

The study showed that recently married couples experience high degree of happiness. It also unveiled the existence of a direct correlation between income level and marital happiness.

The findings were reached after conducting a study on 935 Kuwaiti citizens, aged between 18 and 33.

Eighty percent of the citizens choose trust and reassurance as one of the indicators of happiness. Moreover, men have more trust and reassurance than women.

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