More happiness stories

More happiness stories

U.S. loses Global Idol, wins pursuit of happiness


June 29, 2007

OTTAWA — Canada may still be a healthier and happier country, a wiser country, than the United States but – in relative terms at least – we are slipping. In the early 1990s, Canada led the world – designated as the No. 1 country on the globe by the UN Human Development Index – for three years running.

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Happiness is… a job in Switzerland

Swiss workers are the most content in Europe and are pipped only by Mexicans when it comes to job satisfaction, according to a comparative international study.

Only half of Swiss worker think they get paid enough, but this is more than any other European country. Some 85 per cent were “very satisfied” (54.5 per cent) or ‘satisfied” (30.5 per cent) at the workplace.

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