Lessons from the Conference – Happiness and youth

Lessons from the Conference – Happiness and youth

This was a panel discussion that I was lucky enough to moderate and it included a number of truly remarkable people:

– Khua Do and Trisha Broadbridge are both past Young Australian’s of the Year

– Father Chris Riley is the founder and CEO of Youth off the Streets

– and Shyla Bauer is a paliative care nurse as well as one of the founders of a new organisation called Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth

The panel discussion was thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating. I was swamped by happiness conference audience members later that afternoon and all the next day saying how much they enjoyed the session and how important they thought the issue of happiness and youth is. I was very flattered with the response and wonderfully happy with the contributions of the inspirational panel members but also very reassured as my next book is on this very topic…Raising Happy Children.

So let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas about boosting happiness in young people…