Happiness and unhappiness

Happiness and unhappiness

I’ve just been to the Art Gallery with my family and among other things, saw a fascinating exhibition by a European sculpture artist. Now I don’t claim to have a great understanding of art but I do find it thought provoking and stimulating.

Within this exhibition there was included a quote from a commentator who noted Isomething along the lines of) that for this particular artist “creation and destruction were one and the same”. On reflection I realised that if you create something you are also causing a destruction of what was. Similarly, if you destroy something you create a new reality.

How, if at all, does this related to happiness?

Well many argue that to truly appreciate happiness one must understand and overcome un-happiness. Buddhism, for example, assumes that relief from suffering comes partly from wisdom, an understanding of suffering and all it contains.

So maybe un-happiness is inherent and in a way important to happiness? Maybe contemplation of and modificatin of un-happiness assists in the pursuit of happiness?

What do you think?