Happiness and His Holiness

Happiness and His Holiness

I’ve just returned from another day at the Happiness & its Causes Conference and today was a very special happiness day.

Most of the morning session involved His Holiness the Dalai Lama and we were lucky enough to hear his thoughts about happiness and how to achieve it.

I don’t have time to fully summarise all his philosophy but I do want to touch on one small part of his “performance” that I think was both fascinating and relevant to happiness.

At one stage His Holiness was asked a question and after considering a response for several seconds ultimately responded with “I don’t know”! Now this brought much laughter and cheers from the audience, a response that subsequently attracted much discussion.

My take on the response was that the audience loved the fact that such a wise and revered leader had the humility and wisdom to admit that he didn’t know everything. It made me consider if I’d ever heard any of our leading politicians admit that they didn’t know the answer to something.

And it made me think that happiness, which partly comes from wisdom, involves a thorough knowledge of what you don’t know!

So if you want to be experience happiness…maybe the message is not to be afraid of ignorance!!!