Can we learn happiness?

Can we learn happiness?


YES, according to Harvard University’s most popular Lecturer on Positive Psychology

June 2007 – What is happiness? What does it mean? How do we find it? And, once we find it, how do we hang onto it? In HAPPIER – Finding Pleasure, Meaning and Life’s Ultimate Currency, (July 2007, McGraw-Hill, ê_Ô£12.99), Harvard University’s Happiness guru, Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D, helps you understand the nature of happiness and reveals how we can all learn to be happier in our daily lives. NOW.

Whether you are a stressed out ê¢__‘–rat racer”, a pleasure-seeking ê¢__‘–hedonist,” or a ready to give up ê¢__‘–nihilist,” Happier gives you a complete crash course on the often-elusive subject of happiness to help you live the life you love – and love the life you live.

“Attaining lasting happiness requires that we enjoy the journey on our way toward a destination we deem valuable. Happiness, therefore is not about making it to the peak of a mountain, nor is it about climbing aimlessly around the mountain; happiness is the experience of climbing toward the peak.”

Tal Ben-Shahar.

Using Positive Psychology – the ‘study of optimal human functioning” and many years researching the works of scientists, scholars and philosophers – Ben-Shahar’s revolutionary approach helps you recognise what happiness really means to you and how to strive for it in your daily life.

With step-by-step practical exercises backed by scientific studies, you can both reflect and understand what really makes you happy and then take real action to start achieving greater happiness in all aspects of your life. This interaction between action and reflection is key, says Ben-Shahar, if you want the book to have real impact on your life.

Happiness shouldn”t just be a “nice to have” or a “I”ll be happy when/if.” Achieving day-to-day happiness really does matter and has an impact on every aspect of our life. Research proves that happy individuals have better relationships, are more likely to thrive at work, as well as live better and longer. Happiness, as Ben-Shahar demonstrates, is life’s “Ultimate Currency.”

Some of the ways we can become Happier include:

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