One man’s thoughts on the pursuit of happiness

One man’s thoughts on the pursuit of happiness

Ever wonder what you were thinking when you got that AC/DC tattoo on your forehead or forgave your spouse for sleeping with your five closest friends?

According to Daniel Gilbert, the author of ‘stumbling on Happiness,” which is now out in paperback, our decisions about what will make us happy – or unhappy – almost always are clouded by inaccurate memories and over-reliance on present feelings.

“If I can create a whole lot of people who are much less confident about their predictions of the future, I will have done my job,” said Gilbert, a Harvard psychology professor. The book, he said, is “meant to make people second-guess themselves.”

Gilbert, a specialist in intuitive judgment, says you can’t rely on your past or present to predict your future because brains file away only a few cues to memory, mainly the highs and lows of an experience.

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