Happiness versus money

Happiness versus money

More than half of workers in the UK say they would be happy to trade in their high salaries for a job that gives them fulfilment and a sense of self-worth.

A new survey says that 47 per cent of Britons are aiming to have a second career by the time they reach 45.

Two-thirds of respondents told Norwich Union, which conducted the research, they are “unfulfilled, miserable or drifting” in their current roles.

The most popular career change jobs named in the ‘zenployment’ survey include animal welfare worker, counsellor, yoga teacher, gardener, artist, climate campaigner and personal trainer.

“This research is further evidence that we’re entering a new era, with a society that is less selfish and increasingly focused on personal fulfilment,” commented William Nelson of trend analyst Future Foundation.

“In fact, rising affluence and high employment levels mean most of us now feel pretty secure in providing for our basic needs, especially once we are established in careers and the housing market.”

And Norwich Union’s Simon Quick added: “Once we dreamed of retirement to a country cottage or villa abroad, but this research reveals British workers now aim to do something that offers them fulfilment in the second stage of their lives.”

Research strongly suggests you won’t find long term happiness in wealth, material possessions or the like…but you can find happiness in relationships, in your thoughts and in your heart!