Happiness and supportive relationships

Happiness and supportive relationships

When talking about happiness, something I do on a daily basis, I always make a point of noting that the pursuit of happiness should not be considered a selfish one. Happiness is not a solo-endeavor but rather, a team sport!

When individuals come for coaching we frequently collaborate to help them build positive relationships in their lives; when we go into organisations we”re often asked to help improve team work and engagement with others.

I”m currently writing my third book, tentatively titled “Raising Happy Children” and among other things, one of the most interesting realisations is that the principles are exactly the same.

As parents, we need to try to communicate effectively and appropriately with our children, and shine the light on what’s right (not just on what’s wrong); as leaders, managers will be far more effective (and much more liked) if they play by the same rules, providing effective feedback and focusing on positives.

So, no matter whom you are and in what context you live or work, building positive relationships is a vitally important cog in the happiness wheel. How do you do this? Well, at The Happiness Institute we believe good quality relationships are built on ‘sUPPORT” which is both a philosophy and a mnemonic representing:

S = Strengths (focus on these in others, as much if not more than their weaknesses)

U = Unconditional positive regard

P = Positivity (the energy that fuels the best relationships)

P = Praise (something you can never do too much of)

O = Open communication (do it well and do it often)

R = Respect

T = Trust

Want to be happy? Simply ‘sUPPORT” those around you!