Happiness via stress relief

Happiness via stress relief

One of the greatest obstacles to happiness is stress.

So as much as we promote positive psychology principles to enhance happiness, we’re also realistic and experienced enough to know that people also need to deal with stress to achieve happiness.

Today I came across an article that I believe will help you achieve some degree of happiness by managing stress more effectively. It begins…

A little stress can be a good thing. Pick up a rubber band and hold it loosely between your thumbs. Let your left thumb be you, where you are right now, and let your right thumb be you, achieving your goals. Now, take your thumbs and pull them as far apart as you can. You should feel some tension in that rubber band – tension that can pull you toward your goals and dreams. That kind of tension is useful because it creates movement. However, you know if you stretch that band too tight, it will break.

There are several studies out now that tie stress in with heart disease, aging and even cancer. Stress can make you grumpy, it can give you headaches and muscle aches and generally saps your effectiveness. So, what can you do? The following are eight tools for relieving stress, starting with two of the most basic, followed by three advanced tools and finishing with three power tools.

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