Happiness in context

Happiness in context

As important as it is to practise happiness habits and to be disiplined with your happiness behaviours, it’s also important to note that each and every action occurs within a certain context.

And the context of happiness is also vitally important!

I recently read an article in which one of the worlds greatest violinists set himself up with his $3.5million violin outside a train station in Washington (USA). In an hour, more than a thousand people ignored him and he made less than $40 for his efforts.

The story also referred to a museum curator who took a $5million piece of modern art, removed it from its frame, and placed it on the wall of an art cafe with a $150 price tag…not one person showed any interest.

The point of these stories is that context matters. If you take the maestro out of the concert hall, or the art work out of the gallery something changes. Context adds to the experience in a way we typically don’t notice.

And its the same with happiness. So in addition to practising your happiness habits and becoming disciplined with your happiness plans, create a happiness context (an environment) that’s conducive to enhancing the mood you want to experience.