The happiness diet!

The happiness diet!

IT’S the state of mind most of us aspire to, but it can often be elusive. Helen Hawkes discovers how to be happy.

To be happy you would need: a) a highly paid job; b) perfect health; c) a partner who looked like Hugh Jackman/Scarlett Johansson and d) about $20,000 worth of plastic surgery. Right?

Wrong. Some of these things may help temporarily, but international studies have consistently shown that happiness is not related to being rich, healthy or gorgeous.

As scientists continue to delve deeper into the realm of “positive psychology” what they know is this: as long as we have enough food to eat and a roof over our head, we have a pretty good potential for bliss.

What we might need, however, are ways to boost the amount of “happy” neurotransmitters – chemicals that send electrical signals between cells in our brain.

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