Happiness is a team sport, not a solo endeavour

Happiness is a team sport, not a solo endeavour

IT seems the old saying is true – the best things in life really are free.

The top happiness-giver is quite simply spending time with friends and loved ones, according to a survey.

Other joys included finding a seat on the train, hearing a favourite old song or having the remote control all to yourself.

Money played no part in the UK’s top 10 simple pleasures – unless it was turning up unexpectedly, such as down the back of the sofa.

The research by mobile phone giant Nokia looked at the little things that make a big difference to life in the modern world.

After spending time with loved ones and finding money they didn’t know they had, the biggest boost to happiness was a surprise call or text from a friend.

The fourth-rated ‘simple pleasure” was hearing an old tune, followed by your favourite team coming from behind to win and seeing a bright blue sky.

Waking up on the weekend, or before you need to get up, and playing with a pet also made the list.

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