Happiness and pacing

Happiness and pacing

I’m about to sign off soon for a bit of “down-time” (or maybe it should be called “up-time” as I’m hoping it will involve plenty of happiness!).

Here in Sydney, and I guess in many other places too, we’re about to enjoy the Easter long-weekend which means tomorrow (Friday) and next Monday are both public holidays.

The reason for raising this, within the context of this happiness blog, is that one of the cornerstones of happiness, certainly according to our model here at The Happiness Institute, is health; and one of the fundamentals of health is rest.

Many of us don’t get enough rest; we simply work too long and too hard and even when we do take “time off” we don’t necessarily engage in behaviours that will boost our health, wellbeing and happiness.

So at The Happiness Institute we advocate pacing – which simply refers to being “on” when you need to be on but also to being “off” when you can be off. Pacing involves strategically planning enough “off” times through each day, week, month and through the year. Pacing will, I can assure you, enhance your happiness!

So have a great long weekend and ensure you do what you can to pace yourself to happiness!