World renowned scientist delves into happiness

World renowned scientist delves into happiness

Serves like Roger Federer’s, the best tennis player in the world? Maybe not. But hitting aces on occasion is well within in the realm of possibility for athletes who practice regularly.

Being able to play violin like Maria Bachman of Trio Solisti is rare. But many learn to play the violin and other musical instruments quite well for their personal pleasure.

Now imagine happiness as a trainable skill that can be practiced like skiing, tennis or playing a violin, and that learning to practice happiness can have a huge impact on general health.

Think the idea sounds like New Age hooey?

On Thursday, professor Richard Davidson of the Brain Imaging Laboratory, Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin, is speaking Out Loud on the subject “Be Happy like A Monk.”

Davidson specializes in rigorous understanding of the brain science of happiness to better understand the mind/body relationship. And he has discovered that happiness may not just just plop into the laps of people.

“We have learned that happiness can be conceptualized as a skill, not fundamentally different from learning to play the violin or learning to play golf,” said Davidson. “The big point of my talk is that the brain can be reprogrammed for attributes like happiness, kindness and compassion, a fact which has far-reaching consequences.”

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