Happiness is being able to bend like bamboo!

Happiness is being able to bend like bamboo!

Tomorrow is my brother-in-law’s birthday and this afternoon we had a small family gathering to celebrate.

As part of the celebration my wife decided (as she so often does) to bake a cake, something she typically excels at only this time…there was a slight problem with the cake’s appearance!

Although cooked perfectly and tasting yummy part of the cake stuck to the pan so aestetically, it wasn’t the best looking dessert ever.

Instead of panicking, throwing it out and running up to the nearest shop my wife, in all her splendour, turned the cake upside down, cut off the messy bit and redesigned it so that no-one even noticed! And everyone was happy…

And that, my friends, is a classic example of flexibility and of resilience and of the sort of approach utilised by happy people.

When things go wrong do you crack under pressure or do you bend like bamboo in the wind and adjust as appropriate…thereby dealing with the situation constructively and in a happiness inducing manner?

Happiness is just as much about how you cope when things go wrong as it is about how you try to make things go right!