Happiness or a real mess?!?!

Happiness or a real mess?!?!

A recent study has revealed that Australia is one of the most intensely work-focused countries in the world – a finding that might impress some but something that concerns many others as this focus is associated with the breakdown of family and other relationships. Some have gone so far as to refer to this issue as a human tragedy!

Apparently, Australia is the only high income country in the world that combines very ling average working hours with a high level of work at unsocial times – such as during weeknights and on weekends.

The research found that these work patters are making employees unhappy, unhealthy and are putting relationships under extreme stress. Findings also revealed the negative impact on children as a result of parents becoming angry and inconsistent.

These findings should not necessarily just lead people to conclude that the only answer is working less hours but, if the link between working patterns and family disruption is accepted then there is a good argument for saying that action does need to be considered to ensure a ‘stable and sustainable society”.

None of this seems consistent with a society that prioritises health and happiness. Food for thought…