Gossip may be good for happiness!

Gossip may be good for happiness!

Gossip is a stress buster

Men gossip as much as women, but they spend more time talking about themselves. This is one of the findings from a study about the role of mobile telecommunications in the 21st century. The study, “Evolution, Alienation and Gossip” by the Social Issues Research Centre found gossip is not a trivial pastime and the mobile phone has become a vital social lifetime, helping us to recreate the more natural communication patterns of pre-industrial times.

Other key findings include:

– Mobile phones are the new garden fence, and let us to talk often.

– Men gossip as much as women: 33% indulge everyday or almost everyday.

– Women use their phones as a symbolic bodyguard, especially when feeling vulnerable in public space.

– Texting is important in maintaining a bond with a wide social network when we don”t have time to call.

– Texting helps teenagers overcome social awkwardness.

– Entertainment: Women are more skilled at making gossip entertaining with animated tone, lots of details and enthusiastic feedback.

Do you want more happiness? Get on the phone now…!