Achieving happiness – don’t let fear keep you from living

Achieving happiness – don’t let fear keep you from living

Life occurs at the crossroads of danger and opportunity.

There is much to be afraid of in life, and there is great happiness that can be gleaned. Your destiny lies in which pathway you choose to take each time life presents you with a choice.

There will be times when you’re afraid of being hurt by a loved one, failing at a job, and, most important, letting yourself down. At that same moment in time there will be another pathway, often obscured by the underbrush of fear, that can take you to place brimming with passion, success and pride.

However, you cannot have love without accepting you’ll be hurt sometime, in some way, to some degree. You cannot achieve great outcomes in your life without suffering some setbacks, a few of which will be monumental. You cannot develop wisdom without experiencing failure, and each lesson learned will be particularly painful as you face your own contribution.

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