Affluence will not bring lasting happiness

Affluence will not bring lasting happiness

The other day I came across an interesting report that despite earning lots of money people in affluent countries are insecure and depressed.

Oliver James, a psychologist, during his research found that two-thirds of Britons believed that they cannot afford to buy everything they really need. Though the average income of a British citizen is nearly ê_Ô£23,000 per year, about 50 per cent of people who earned more than ê_Ô£35,000 and about 40 per cent of those who earned more than ê_Ô£50,000 per year felt that they did not have enough money to buy things they need.

The psychologist went on to say that this perception promoted selfishness and left people feeling bored, empty and lonely.

Although wealth and possessions are not necessarily bad things, at The Happiness Institute we certainly teach people who’re seeking happiness to look in places other than shopping malls for satisfaction and fulfilment. In fact, in our happiness life coaching we focus on many other variables, including optimism and building positive relationships, and encourage clients to focus more on who they want to be not what they want to own!

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