The secret to happines – the law of attraction

The secret to happines – the law of attraction

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what to make of the following happiness article but as I’ve noted in the past, I don’t just see this blog as something that expresses my views alone – more a notice board for those interested in all things happiness.

Anyway, the writer argues that the secret to happiness is associated with the law of attraction which is apparently a basic law that the universe provides, and most people aren”t aware of how this law works and of its effects. It is simply stated as we reap what we sow. According to energy therapist Carol Tuttle in her book “Remembering Wholeness,” we are in complete control of how our lives are run. Whatever we put our attention on, believe in, think or feel will occur in our lives multiplied.

“You can actually be in deliberate control of your life experience, knowing what you want and manifesting it in abundance in your life,” Tuttle says in the book. “Or, you can continue to believe that life is a series of random events that you must learn to overcome, put up with, ignore, protect yourself from, or on occasion, enjoy a reprieve and experience some joy and happiness.”

So what does this mean for us? Simple! If we”re constantly thinking about what we do not want in our lives; what causes us physical, mental or emotional damage; or just something that frustrates us, that’s what we”re going to get. Tuttle says your body gives off energy at all times. Whether or not that energy is negative or positive is up to the person giving the energy. If you”re giving off positive energy, you”re going to get positive responses not only from yourself, but also from others because they pick up on that positive energy unconsciously.

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