Happiness and mental vitality

Happiness and mental vitality

I think happiness must be at least partly related to physical energy (zest) and mental vitality (for clear thinking and optimism). As such, I thought I’d share with you a list of tips for preserving mental vitality published in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

Any type of mental activity could be beneficial but it should be reasonably complex, frequent, varied and interesting.

– play mind games such as crosswords, puzzles, chess or cards

– read books, newspapers and magazines

– write letters, or a diary

– talk with family and friends

– use a computer

– learn something, such as a new language

– go to plays, concerts or visit museums

– engage in enjoyable hobbies (of any kind)

There’s no doubt that happiness comes partly from challenge and novelty and so too, apparently, does mental vitality. I’m pretty sure the two are related so work on one and you’ll probably experience the benefits of the other.