Happiness is as happiness does

Happiness is as happiness does

What makes people happy?

For most individuals, that’s a long conversation. But for large groups, researchers have been able to tease out some interesting general findings. By surveying some 80,000 people across the globe, social psychologists were recently able to chart collective levels of satisfaction with life (officially, ‘subjective well-being”). Thus was born the first ever World Map of Happiness, published last year by the University of Leicester, in England.

Countries where satisfaction is highest are colored in with a lovely deep crimson. Orange means things could be better (as in China). And yellow is the vale of tears. Russia is yellow, as are several African countries. Albania shares their jaundiced view.

The researchers got so carried away that they ranked countries numerically. The USA, though robed in red, was only 23rd happiest, well behind 10th-place Canada. The Number One country (and the one to seize what few headlines were allotted to this ground-breaking story) was Denmark.

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