Happiness and kindness

Happiness and kindness

Although I’ve not yet read it, I recently read about a new book called “The Art of Being Kind” by Stefan Einhorn. I’m definitely going to chase it up but in the mean time I thought I’d share with you a few key points from the review – because kindness is almost certainly something that goes to building positive relationships and building positive relationships is a big contributor to happiness.

– Be Generous

– Show your generosity through praise and encouragement

– Share the glory, including your achievements, with others

– Be kind to others by being open to your own shortcomings

– Admire and be happy for the success of others

In all our courses and happiness life coaching programs at The Happiness Institute we propose that happines is NOT an individual pursuit. Instead, we coach people to realise that happiness involves others…and if happiness involves others then kindness is certainly something that will have a positive impact.

If anyone’s read this interesting sounding book please let us know (i.e. post your thoughts below). Otherwise, I’ll report back when I’ve read it and let you know what I think kindness can offer happiness!