Optimism, resilience and happiness life coacahing

Optimism, resilience and happiness life coacahing

Happiness life coaching is predominately about helping people develop skills and learn new strategies to achieve happiness (at least that’s much of what we do here at The Happiness Institute).

But it’s also partly about helping people deal effectively with adversity (i.e. building resilience) so they still remain positive during bad times.

The following quote sums up quite aptly the way we, here at The Happiness Institute, view certain aspects of happiness life coaching:

Being an optimist after you’ve got everything you want doesn’t count. – Kin Hubbard, 1868-1930, American Journalist/Humorist/Cartoonist

So consider how you can remain optimistic during bad times and/or consider how you can utilise optimistic thinking for happiness even while your still striving, or working with your life coach, to achieve your dreams.