Happiness at work

Happiness at work

I recently came across the following tips for achieving happiness in the workplace (thanks to JoAnna Brandi).

1) Positivity – Be positive, and focus on the positive in both the people around you and in the company in general. This means you’re looking at the strengths in others and at what the business does well, rather than focusing on the people’s weaknesses and the company’s shortcomings.

2) Appreciation – This is one of the deepest human needs. Make sure you let people know how you appreciate when they do a good job. Let customers know you appreciate them, too.

3) Recognition and Reward — As you notice more and more of what people are doing “right,” be sure to reward and recognize their behaviors both tangibly and intangibly.

4) Clarity – Workplace negativity symptoms like stress, disappointment and frustration may be indicators that employees do not have a clear picture of their role in the company or of your expectations of them. Ask employees if they have what they need to get their jobs done and engage them in conversations about their positions. Answer their questions clearly and thoroughly.

5) Connection – Let everyone know the special part they play in touching customers’ lives and creating success in the company. When customer loyalty, customer retention or profits increase, be sure to celebrate the employee efforts that led to those achievements. People who know they make a difference at work are more likely to be happy on the job – making them less likely to leave it.

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