The Poetry of Happiness

The Poetry of Happiness

The Happiness of This World – By Karl Kirchwey

It has been such a comfort, such a pleasure, to have had this book at elbow the past few weeks.

You can read a book of poems from cover to cover, if you want – there are no rules, no police. You find yourself reading large stretches, then revisiting some poems, dipping in here or there, reading the page that chances to fall open.

However you choose to read Karl Kirchwey’s The Happiness of This World, it will repay you with handsomely realized poems of history, family, and clarity. The book offers four sections of poems; its latter half is given to “A Yatra for Yama,” a memoir of travel, time, and quest.

Reviewed by John Timpane – to read the full review of this collection of happiness poems click here.