More happiness news

More happiness news

Happiness is big news these days. From the covers of Newsweek and Time to the New York Times, everyone is looking for that one magic formula

New York (PRWeb) January 22, 2007 — “Feeling good is difficult when you make too many wrong choices,” says Lynn Rasmussen, author of Men Are Easy, “When you’re up against money, relationship, and health problems, sometimes you don’t know how to get out of the spin cycle of an unhappy life.” Rasmussen, a life coach, says to feel good, you need to make sure that your basic needs are being met, that your life is aligned with your values, and that you’re a reasonably competent and contributing adult.

Daniel Goleman started the buzz with his bestselling books, Emotional Intelligence and more recently, Social Intelligence. Psychiatrist Martin Seligman, in his current bestseller, Authentic Happiness, is no longer just diagnosing and treating problems. He is now teaching people how to create happiness with good thoughts.

Rasmussen says to focus on simple ways to get your life in order and to think clearly. Then happiness, optimism, and doing well for others follow naturally.

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